FxWeirdos was created in order to share personal experiences with you and to help you avoid making the same mistakes that others did and to spare you all the pain .

The trading business all started after reading the book of Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in 2015. The path was long and hard since it will expose you to new ways of thinking about money and how to invest it. At first you will become curious to know more about it, then you will step back thinking about keeping your day job and the fake security it gives until you reach a point when you can no longer continue living this lie. Therefore you will start learn more and more.

Make no mistake. You will make all possible mistakes that exists in the history of trading such as, blowing accounts over and over again, gambling, cutting winners too soon, letting losers run, revenge trading, trading addiction, etc. You will feel guilty, overwhelmed, furious, sad, greedy, etc.

The path is hard and long; You might be willing to quit; you may also say “that’s it. Trading is not my thing”; but in your heart, you will know it is the right path for your financial freedom. That is going to give you the power to keep fighting and standing up once again after every fall.

If you are a newbie you still need to learn a lot

The advice to you is to learn from all these mistakes, admit and accept that you are a human and there are no escape from these mistakes. Keep fighting and Never give up.